Who We Are

More than 60 Years of Combined Experience.

Clinical Solutions is driven by the need for real solutions to real issues that confront caregivers on a daily basis.

Clinical Solutions was established to provide efficient, expert solutions to health care providers and to the individuals that they serve.  Our partners offer the benefits of 60 years of combined experience gained from previous positions in the healthcare industry.  Our fundamental goals as providers of a variety of specialized patient care environments consist of bringing to the customer the very best in terms of: SafetySimplicity & Utility.

Clinical Solutions is an accredited business through a national accrediting body; The Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC).  Our compliance with their accreditation standards demonstrates to our customers that we have organized the delivery of our services in compliance with industry standards.

Our Performance Guidelines are based on the understanding that:

Our services extend to all sites of care.

Our experience has taught us that the higher the quality of a product, the higher the quality of outcomes. We provide equipment to those patients in acute and sub-acute care settings. The comfort afforded by our equipment is a clinical benefit consequent to its quality and therapeutic capabilities. Quality systems are inherently comfortable because of their design and material base.

We are sensitive to economic issues and price our systems accordingly. Our equipment, understanding, and commitment to service are the differences we provide to enhance the quality outcomes that you seek.

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